Weston-super-Mare 24.08.09

We set off from Bristol in the rain, and arrived in Weston in the rain, but since we'd decided we'd be undercover all day that didn't matter. Of course, that's not quite how things turned out...

There are quite a lot of photos here - please give them time to load. The Sand Sculpture ones are quite large.

Sand Sculpture Festival
Weston Wheel

Donkeys in the rain.

The new pier's foundations.

The Weston Wheel

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Sand Sculptures

We didn't know this was here, so it came as a lovely surprise.

The sculptures had been on display since the beginning of August (or it may have been longer - I forget) so some of them had been slightly damaged, but all in all the work is breathaking, and the detail stunning. All of the eyes are hollowed out with the pupils formed of sand in front of the hollow, while there's a twist of 'paper' in the top of the bottle (second pic) - no idea how they did it but it was very impressive. There was also an area set aside at the entrance for kids to have a go - great fun!

The entrance, left hand side.

The entrance, right hand side.

Fishing cormorant.


I love the whale skeleton - makes the whole thing so much more realistic!

Couldn't get a decent photo of the whole of the whale - it was too big!

This tower of rays was about twice as tall as me - these things were big...

The startled fish in the octopuses tentacle is cute!


Found an almost full pic of the whale...

Some holidaymakers for scale too.

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It was busy here, with a lot of very young kids, and very noisy, hot and humid, so we didn't stay as long as originally intended. Also, of course, there was no flash photography allowed, so a lot of the photos I took didn't come out. Still, there were a few good enough to post.

The tank with the volitans is still there...

Looking back towards the town from the balcony outside the SeaQuarium.

Small lobster.

Unicorn fish!

Vorlon spacecraft...

Volitans. This one wanted to come home with me.

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The Weston Wheel

£5 a ride: takes approx 10 minutes and you get about 4 circuits for that. Except, of course, us being us, they wouldn't let us off, and we ended up going around nine times! [grin] That sort of deal we can happily live with!

(Just to be clear, the not being let off bit is a joke - we were just really lucky that the way they were getting people on and off the capsules meant we got off a lot later than would otherwise be the case.)

The island on the right is Flat Holm: Cardiff is behind it.

The white-roofed building is the SeaQuarium.

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